Ha Giang Travel Guide

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate

 Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate in Ha Giang- the name seems to bring visitors to the soaring horizon to be able to step up into the clouds, reaching the vast sky and get the feeling of touching the sky in Quan Ba Heaven Gate and admiring the special art of nature.

Lung Cam Cultural Village

 Lung Cam Cultural Village is a small village located in Sung La commune of Dong Van district. Amidst a vast area of ​​the rocky plateau, Lung Cam is small and distinct, not the typical rocky mountains, but it is impressive to visitors by the view of a small valley, located in the center of vast Đong Van plateau. 

Sung La Valley

 Sung La Valley is a beautiful natural landscape with a fresh atmosphere, Sung La Valley is very peaceful and a suitable place for Ha Giang tourists to roam, take pictures and explore local culture.

Quan Ba Twin Mountain

 Quan Ba Twin Mountain is a beautiful symbols of the Ha Giang highland, which is the crystalline beauty of nature and tectonic. Tourists to Ha Giang cannot help admiring the spectacular beauty of the mountains, the unique gift which heaven bless for Ha Giang. 

Lung Cu Flag Pole

 Lung Cu Flag Pole known as “a high forehead of the motherland- Vietnam” where marks the extreme North of our country, Lung Cu Flag Pole  is an interesting place for those who love learn history. From its top, visitors can see the whole of beautiful and spectacular landscape.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

  Ha Giang – the top Vietnam location is not only famous for its buckwheat, the Lung Cu flagpole but also is known for the craggy cliffs, the legendary pass, and Ma Pi Leng pass is one of them. Ma Pi Leng - the name is not new, is the first choice for tourists who want to explore Ha Giang.

Dong Van Rock Plateau

 Dong Van Rock Plateau is Vietnam’s first Rock Plateau and most impressive geological park,  coming Dong Van Rock Plateau to explore spectacular mountain peaks, the richness, and uniqueness of traditional customs

H'Mong King Palace

 H'Mong King Palace  is the villa with nearly 100 years old of King Cat Vuong Chinh Duc who hired skilled workers and tens of thousands of construction workers in 9 years, costing 15,000 dong of Indochina white silver, equivalent to VND 150 billion